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What Is The Worst Performing Investment In All Of America?

Posted by ekr Thursday, 16 May, 2019

What scary form of investment do Americans throw millions of dollars a month at. It is a common investment that all too often is not considered as an investment option, but as a necessity to “invest” in. This particular investment vehicle is rarely considered in the same form many other investment vehicles are considered. In order to demonstrate this concept, let’s look at some features of an investment that over 200,000,000 million Americans throw money at every month, their home equity.

Imagine for a moment that you were sitting across the table from your trusted investment advisor, and he or she has invited you over for a meeting to learn about a revolutionary new investment opportunity that hundreds of millions of Americans will make sacrifices every month to invest in. Then imagine that he or she began to share with you the features and benefits of this particular investment before telling you what the investment vehicle actually is. Read the following features and benefits of investing in home equity, as if you were evaluating any other investment before putting money towards it: